Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sending Email via SMS in Nepal (SMS-to-Email)

Yes there is an option for Sending Email via SMS with NCell. NCell provides SMS
to Email service with monthly activation charge and Re 1 per sms for sending SMS.
Moreover, it also supports the other way to deliver SMS via Email.

More details on this service from NCell is available here -

However, there is no such service being provided by Nepal Telecom.

Next is the service provided by Sparrow SMS (

Sparrow SMS provides SMS to Email service through its shortcode 4001. The message
syntax for sending Email through SMS is as follows:
TO<space>Email-Address<space>Email Text

Cost per SMS is Re 1 and has no activation charges. It works for both Nepal Telecom and NCell GSM users. A nice HTML email will be delivered to the receiver’s mailbox.


Anonymous said...

I was always looking for a service like this.

Well, its a one way service, but its quite logical for it to be to one way too. Email texts are quite longer and I can understand the cost overhead in sending it as an email.

Hoping for more to come from Sparrow.

Anonymous said...

This service is most welcomed.
What is the coming up service from SPARROW....?