Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Find Authorized MSI Distributors in Nepal

MSI website has a good listing of the available distributors for its products here in Nepal.

MSI is a popular among the economy brands here in Nepal. To find its authorized distributors in Nepal, you can visit the link below.

Distributors and other offices of MSI in Nepal.

Official Website of MSI

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Adopt in Nepal

The information provided below summarizes from three sources .

Responsible Body in the country
The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (WCS) has sole authoriy to both process adoptions and to match the children through matching committees; the orphanages no longer have a role in matching children for adoption procedures in Nepal.

The process for adopting a child from Nepal generally includes the following steps:
  • Choose an adoption service provider
  • Apply to be found eligible to adopt
  • Be matched with a child
  • Adopt the child in Nepal
  • Apply for the child to be found eligible for adoption
  • Bring your child home
Country Specific Adoption Policies to Adopt Children from Nepal

Getting SMS VAS Service for your Business/Company/Product

Value Added Service (VAS) is a popular terminology used in Telecommunication Industry for services other than standard services in terms of tarrif of feature provided by the Telecommunication company.

There can be many types of VAS Services. VAS can be even be on Voice Calls or on SMS or any other services normally provided by a Telecommunication Company.

SMS VAS is the VAS for Short Messaging Service provided by telecommunications. You can see Four/Five digit numbers like 5001, 6001, 52525 etc. These numbers are called Shortcodes and generally represent VAS service for SMS.

In Nepal there are three major telecommunication service providers. However, regional providers like Satellite Telecom Ltd, also do exist.

The three major telecom providers namely, Nepal Telecom, Spice Nepal Pvt. Ltd, and United Telecom Limited have outreach throughout the country, and as per the current status VAS is provided targeting subscribers from these networks.