Thursday, November 25, 2010

Caller Ring Back Tones (CRBT) for different Operators of Nepal

CRBT, PRBT and RBT are the common terms used in Nepal to represent Ring Back tones for different telecom operators of Nepal. According to Wikipedia - Ring-Back Tone or Audible Tone is defined as 
A ringback tone is an audible indication that is heard on the telephone line by the calling party after dialing and prior to the call being answered at the receiving end. It is normally a repeated tone, designed to assure the calling party that the called party's line is ringing, although the ring-back tone may be out of sync with the ringing signal.
  1. Nepal Telecom (CRBT)
    1. By CallingDial 1609, the access code of CallerTunes, and follow the instructions. 
    2. By SMS
      Visit the CallerTunes service Website to register for CallerTunes. Your CallerTunes service password is also the password for you to log in to the CallerTunes service Website. On the Website, you can change, query and set your personal ring back tones. 
    3. By SMS
      Nepal Telecom shortcode ____ is used to register or buy a CRBT tune. A Code is provided for each tune you want to download as a ring back tone. First of all you need to register for CRBT by sending one SMS. 
      1. To Register
        type REG and send to ____
      2. To Download a tune
        type DEFCRBT-No and send to ____
  2. NCell (PRBT)
    1. Source :
      Options for activation:
      1. Dial 900  and follow the instructions
      2. Dial *100# and follow the instructions
      3. Type A and send SMS to 900227
      Options for deactivation:
      1. Dial 900  and follow the instructions
      2. Dial *100# and follow the instructions
      3. Type R and send SMS to 900227
      Options of selecting your Personal Ring Back Tone
      1. Dial 9208 and follow the instructions
      2. Visit our website:
      Instruction to buy a Personal Ring Back Tone:
      Type Buy (space) song code and send it to 9209
      Eg.: To 9209
      Buy XXXX
  3. UTL (RBT)

  4. Smart Telecom